Want to be a better Speaker?

Rob Conery and I have assembled this 90 minute video to help share the art of speaking with as wide an audience as possible.

Perhaps you've given speeches at work and are considering a local user group. Maybe you've spoken at code camps and want to go national or international. Or, perhaps you'd just like to be more comfortable talking to the folks at your office and presenting to the boss.

I feel that this documentary style video is a great introduction into the minds of a technical speaker with not only experience, but passion for the art.

Scott is widely considered one of the best technical presenters speaking today. Scott has presented to over 350,000 developers worldwide over his 20 year career in software. He's presented internationally to crowds as small as 10 and as large as 25,000 people.

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What will you learn?

In this video, Scott Hanselman is interviewed documentary-style by Pluralsight video host Rob Conery

Scott is asked to give a presentation on an unfamilar topic (in this case the programming language called CoffeeScript) and Rob's cameras roll while Scott conceives, plans, researches, and presents on the topic.

The entirety of Scott's thought process is captured from multiple angles in this professionally edited video. You'll not only learn while Scott learns, but you'll be walked through the thought process from conception to execution.

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Scott shares pragmatic and practical techniques throughout the video that you can apply to your own speechs, lectures and presentations.

The video free for you to watch as a subscriber to Pluralsight technical screencasts.

If you're interested in improving as a speaker or presenter, this video is your ticket to success.

Important points

You'll learn how to decide what to talk about and how long to talk about it. Every good presentation has an "arc" as you move through it. Where do you start, peak and end? That's the story arc.

When planning a presentation you'll want to take into consideration your audience, their biases, culture, language and size. Every presentation should be thoroughly planned and customized for the audience.

There are specific speaking techniques and human behaviors you can use and exploit when presenting. If you move, they watch you, if you stop, they look at the screen. You'll learn all the tricks from someone who uses them every day.

Your demos tell a story as well. Make sure your presentations make good use of the right demos that are clear, visible and compelling.

Additional Free Reading

If you're interested in learning more about how to give technical presentations, check out some of Scott's blog posts on these topics over the years.


Great speaker and tremendously charismatic. His talks are informative, easy to comprehend and funny at the same time.

Marius Schulz

I'm halfway through the Hanselman video from Tekpub and already have a page of notes of things I can improve. Love it!

Rob Sullivan

Scott is amazing at breaking down complicated technical topics to simple, succinct, easy to grasp discussion. His enthusiasm and passion for developing software is really brought out in his discourses.

Chris Schroll

Done presentation test-run. Used some of the Hanselman techniques from Tekpub. Very effective. Recommended!

Edge via Twitter

Watching my first vid on tekpub: Hanselman's talk on presenting; that talk alone seems to be worth the value of the annual description's fee.

Tom Janssens via Twitter

Wow, what an engaging speaker! I got excited just seeing how excited he was. Also, he can code in front of an audience which takes skill, practice and nerves.

Jason Kendall
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